Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

A copywriter is simply a writer, but instead of raunchy romance novels or futuristic sci-fi stories, we write everyday text and content (also known as copy) to describe your business, sell your service or explain your expertise.

Sure do! In fact, it’s our speciality. Book a strategy call and let’s talk about how we can get you on page one of Google organically as quick as we can. 

While there are amazing writers on both Upwork and Fiverr, it can be hit and miss. Sure you may pay less, but in our experience, you get what you pay for. 

If you are looking for quality writers who understand Australian property, building and construction, who can get stuck in without having to have their hand held and is invested in seeing your business thrive, then let’s chat. 

Absolutely! You can check out our portfolio of work here

Looking for more examples? Book a call here and let’s talk. 

It all starts with a phone (or zoom) call where we talk through the details of your business, what is working, what is not and what outcome you want to achieve. 

During this call we will outline how we can help you and what the next steps are. 

Ooh the hard hitting questions! 

We generally work on a set fee per project basis. This means you know exactly how much it will cost you upfront and you can adapt our services to work with your budget. 

We do not charge by the hour or by the word. We are results driven and hourly or word based pricing does not align with our commitment to getting the best results for your business. 

It all starts with you booking in for an obligation free phone (or zoom) call where we talk through the details of your business, what is working, what is not and what outcome you want to achieve. 

During this call we will tell you if we can help you, outline how we can help you and go through what the next steps are. 

Book a call here and let’s talk. 

All information provided to us by you is completely confidential. We can provide a non-disclosure agreement or alternatively sign yours. We are also open to creating a secret handshake to convey our commitment to keeping your business secrets.

Click here to find out more about our Terms of Service.

No. while we are working for you, we will not work with your competitors. 

This means we will not work with another business in the same geographical area targeting the same target market as you while we are actively engaged to work for you. 

Absolutely we do. Not all businesses are the same and we tailor our packages and services to meet the needs of your business and the outcomes you want to achieve.

Our turn arounds times can vary considerably based on our current workload and the time of year. 

We provide turn around timeframes for all projects at the time of enquiry. 

We do not limit the amount of revisions simply because we are so results driven and want the best outcome for you. 

Generally we can finalise your content within 1 to 2 revisions but if we need a few more, then that’s okay too. 

Once you book in, we are invested in your success. We will never provide you with half-baked content and send you on your merry way. Nope, we’ll be making sure those words are not only the best they can be but they are also where they should be for the world to see and digest.  

You betcha we do! Beautifully written and optimised content is not going to get results quietly languishing on your hard drive or in the cloud. So, if one of the Content Builders team members does not upload your content for you, you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be stalking you and asking why your content has not been published yet.

We do work for other industries and businesses on a case by case basis. 

But we are predominantly property and construction focused. It’s our sweet spot. Our happy place. Our reason for skipping to the office each day. We can write about other topics, absolutely, but for those projects we don’t skip, we just walk…slowly. 


We started working with Katie about 3 years ago. Our experience working with Katie has been fantastic! Her work on our business has been a contributor to the growth and success of our business to date. The work she has done for us has given us a huge marketing advantage and also a good rapport within the community and potential clients with all her social media work as well. We have no hesitation in recommending Katie.
Katie was great to work with. Excellent communication, professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Katie for content writing, proofreading, SEO and Website optimisation.
I cannot rate Katie highly enough! I had a mountain of writing to do for a home renovation brand website. After giving her a brief, she completed thousands of words of very high-quality copywriting in a very short period of time. Excellent communication and I'll definitely be happy to use Katie again!
Katie is a passionate writer and able to produce excellent blogs with engaging content (even when the subject is not). Katies knowledge of SEO is definitely a strength. She has continued to research and learn on this subject which makes content even stronger.
Cameron Drake-Brockman
Hire Rite Temporary Fence